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Click here to see the current versions of charts loaded on our system.


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Click here for the web chart viewer. Click the Plus sign in the upper right on the viewer to change chart type.

To view our charts in your web browser we now have Openlayers access to our TMS/WMS server.

Currently we have 9 layers: Sectional(sec), Terminal Area Charts(tac), World Aeronautical Charts(wac), Enroute Low(enrl), Enroute High(enrh), Area Charts(enra), Sectionals with CAP/SAR Grid(secgrids), Terminal Area Charts with CAP/SAR Grid(tacgrids), and WAC with CAP/SAR Grid(wacgrids).

The chart viewer now has a PDF download function. Just click the Portrait or Landscape PDF link to download the current view.

Download the Openlayers Javascript configuration:tms.js wms.js

Full Chart Download

Download full charts here. Don't want to download tile by tile, grab a full chart and load it into your favorite mobile map program(or PDF reader). Currently tested with Orux Maps, Locus, Galileo Offline Maps and BackCountry Navigator.

Use the MBTiles format for Locus(Free and Pro), OruxMaps, Gallileo Offline Maps, Gaia GPS(Android Only). Use the RMaps SQLite format for BackCountry Navigator. The KMZ formats for Google Earth. The PDF Formats for all Flyway charts and anything you want to view in a plain PDF reader(these are not GeoPDF). Currently we have no supported full file download format for Gaia GPS(iOS) but see the links below to use the maps within the app and do tile based downloads.

Flyway Chart Downloads

Click here to download the Flyway Charts(non-georeferenced) as PDF

Miscellaneous Charts

Currently the only chart in this section is the Grand Canyon VFR Chart.

Click here for the Miscellaneous Charts page

Mobile Atlas Creator(MOBAC)

Chartbundle charts are now included with MOBAC, the below instructions are not needed except for gridded charts.

Chartbundle's charts support MOBAC a program to download tiled maps from the internet and load them into many different programs for mobile devices.You can use these xml files for MOBAC and other programs supporting the MOBAC XML format like BackCountry Navigator (copy them to the MOBAC mapsources directory) to access our charts.


Chartbundle charts are now included with OruxMaps, the below instructions are only needed for gridded charts.

See also the download formats above, use MBTiles for Orux.

OruxMaps is an online and offline map viewer for Android. You can use MOBAC(above) to create off-line files for OruxMaps. Also, OruxMaps includes our charts natively for on-line use and to download from the app. You can add to your onlinemapsources.xml in OruxMaps to use our Gridded SAR Maps on-line and download from within the app.

Download the SAR Grid file here. And put the contents in before the closing onlinemapsources tag in your onlinemapsources.xml file using a text editor. Be sure the uid= numbers are not duplicated with existing numbers.


Chartbundle charts are now included with Locus(Free and PRO), the below instructions are not needed.

See also the download formats above, use MBTiles for Locus.

Locus(Free and PRO) is another online and offline map viewer for Android. Supported by MOBAC(above). Also, we have a custom providers.xml you can add to your Locus/mapsOnline/custom/ directory. If you already have custom providers in your providers.xml, cut and paste the section from our providers.xml without the <providers> tag and closing </providers> tag into your existing providers.xml before the closing providers tag.



MotionX-GPS now supports custom map downloads. It can use the chartbundle services easily using the following URL format:[Z]/[X]/[Y].png?origin=nw

Replace 'sec' with the chart type you want: sec wac tac secgrids wacgrids tacgrids enra enrh enrl for all the types we support listed above.

BackCountry Navigator

See also the download formats above, use RMaps SQLite for BackCountry Navigator.

See this URL for how to use the chartbundle MOBAC xml files above in BackCountry Navigator.

BackCountry Navigator supports a custom format for our charts('Custom Map Source'). It can use the chartbundle services easily using the following URL format(or XML files above):{$z}/{$x}/{$y}.png?origin=nw

Replace 'sec' with the chart type you want: sec wac tac secgrids wacgrids tacgrids enra enrh enrl for all the types we support listed above. Suggested Max Zoom is 12 for WAC and Enroute High, 13 for Sectional and Eneoute Low and 14 for Terminal Area Charts and IFR Area Charts(enra).

Gaia GPS

See also the download formats above for Gaia GPS on Android, use MBTiles format.

Click the following links on your mobile browser to add our charts to Gaia GPS.

KML/KMZ(Google Earth)

You can download the KML file for all our charts here(expand it and check the boxes as needed):chartbundle_aero.kml

Gridded Charts

Both our on-line viewer and the MOBAC/OruxMaps/Locus configurations include options to enable a Sectional, Terminal Area or World Aeronautical Chart with a CAP/SAR Grid. Every 15 minute rectangle includes both a conventional(LAX-336) and cell(32115AB) grid reference. For all displays you need to zoom in a fair bit before the grids and labels become visible. Only Continental US at this time.


These products are derived from official FAA data but are not themselves official navigation products. Use of these products is at users own risk. All charts have been reprojected, distances and angles measured on them may not match reality.

Contact us at: with any questions.
Our goal is to provide web access to raster charts. If you're looking to purchase paper copies we suggest: or